Application Instructions

The location where pain is felt may not be the point of origin of the pain. This is especially true with back pain. Experiment a little to find the origin of the pain. The writers L4/L5 vertebrae is herniated. He feels the pain in the left cheek of his butt and down his left leg and wants to know how to get rid of pain. He could put the ointment over his butt and leg and the pain would not go away. But thoroughly rub a few drops of Nature’s Gold at the origin of the pain and the pain disappears.

Back Pain, Upper: Apply to neck, across both shoulders and down spine to find source of pain.

Back Pain, Lower: Apply all around the lower back and spine and over both hips to find the source of pain.

Bone Spur: Apply over the immediate area. The pain should disappear immediately and with continued use the bone spur will dissolve.

Foot and Hand Pain: Apply over the complete foot or hand even if the pain seems to be localized to one spot.

Headaches and Hangovers: Apply to the temples, forehead, lower sinus area, dosed eyelids,back of neck to hairline and across both shoulders.

Knee Pain: Apply over the whole knee front sides and back.

Muscle Pain and Spasms: apply over the immediate area of spasms.

Neck: Pain: Apply to the back and sides of the neck from the hairline or perhaps into the hair over the upper spine and across both shoulders.

Shoulder pain: Apply over and under the shoulder and part of upper spine.

Skin Problems: Bites, bee stings, bruises, burns, rashes. dry skin, scars and stretch marks. Apply over the affected area for immediate pain relief. Repeated application will be needed for rashes,scars and stretch marks.

TMJ: Apply ointment to both sides of the face including under jaw line, up to the temples and behind the ears.

Toenails, In Grown: Apply the ointment on the toe area, cover the toe with a Band-Aid for several hours. This will soften the area, draw the pus and reduce swelling. Remove the Band-Aid and cut the toenail.

Toothaches: Apply externally to the skin area over and around the affected area and including the neck and behind the ears.

Varicose Veins: Apply ointment daily over the affected area. We have seen many examples of varicose veins disappearing over several months of application.

General Considerations:

When applying Nature’s Gold use common sense and apply sparingly around the affected area. Rub it in thoroughly. If you have left a residual you’ve applied too much. Wipe it off and don’t use as much next time. Nature’s Gold is too valuable to waste.
Nature’s Gold doesn’t work on everyone. From three years of personal application of Nature’s Gold on a 100+ folks per week we have seen it work on 7 of 10 people.That’s why we offer free samples in the field and on this website, so you may be certain it works on you. Try it. You have nothing no lose but the pain.
Caution: For external application only and not if pregnant. Nature’s Gold will
accelerate cell growth. Do not apply to deep wounds or an abscess may develop.
Please feel free to email or call us with any questions or comments.